On July 4-7, 2018, the International geotechnical symposium “Geotechnics of construction of industrial and transport structures in the Asia-Pacific Region” took place in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The international research council gathered on the Sakhalin island where experts delivered their reports and discussed challenges of construction and operation of industrial buildings and transport structures in poor engineering and geological conditions.

More than 100 professionals from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Poland and other countries participated in the symposium. The key issue was construction of a bridge crossing to the Sakhalin island. The report of the RR (Russian Railways) representatives says that the company has begun to develop an investment feasibility project with indication of project cost and justification of the need to construct either a bridge or a tunnel crossing. The final decision in this regard has not been made yet. Both variants are being studied, and eventually the final decision will be made based on the technical and economic parameters.

In prospect, construction of the crossing between Sakhalin and Hokkaido is being considered, but only in case the above described project on the mainland of Russia proves successful.

MIAKOM company presented two scientific reports on reliability assessment methods of reinforced-ground structures under dynamic effects (both natural – earthquakes – and man-made – trains) as well as the latest advances in research of
polymeric geosynthetics behavior when modelling by discrete element method (DEM).




It is worth noting the distinctiveness of the island life: mass entry of salmon fishes into the local rivers gives rise to a new application field for geosynthetic materials.


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