«ARMOSTAB®»-Asphalt P 50/50P
Geocomposite «ARMOSTAB®»-Asphalt P is multilayer material, made of at least two geogrid layers and nonwoven thermally bonded geotextile. Geocomposite «ARMOSTAB®»-Asphalt P is usually used as reinforcing or crack bridging interlayer.


  • Highway and airport pavements reinforcement;
  • Rail track stabilization;
  • Area stabilization;
  • Ground improvement;

Geocomposite «ARMOSTAB®»-Asphalt P usage increases construction service lifetime, improves service reliability, cuts expenses.

Cell size, mm40х40
Elongation at maximum load, %, no more than: MD/CMD50
Raw materialPolyester (PET)
Roll`s size, m, lenght4; 5; 5,3
Roll`s size, m, width100; 150; 200
Substrate materialnonwoven geotextile
Tensile strength, kN/m, no less than: MD/CMD50
Ultimate elongation at maximum pressure, %, maximum13/13
Weight, g/m², minimum270