Noise barrier wall system with PVC panels
PVC panels are connected with each other by groove and feather. Front face to noise maker can be continuous or perforated. Noise-absorbing materials (for example, mineral cotton, rubber crumb etc.) are installed into panels.

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General view of noise barrier walls with PVC panels.

Schematic construction of PVC panels

Parts of sound barrier wall system

Parts of sound barrier wall system

Schematic construction of PVC panels

Geometry characteristics of the panels

  • Wall assembled height – 6 m

  • Panel length – up to 5 m

  • Panel height - 44,2–250 mm

  • Panel width – 100 mm

  • Panel wall thickness – 1-4mm

  • Canopy angle of slope – a multiple 12°

Physical and mechanical properties

  • Material: PVC composite
  • Density, g/cm3: not less than 1,3
  • Temperature ratio of linear expansion, С-1: 50х10–6
  • Operating temperature range: from -50 to +60°C
  • Filling material: mineral cotton
  • Filling material density, kg/m3: 65-120
Acoustic properties

  • Acoustic reduction factor: to 0,9
  • Airborne noise isolation index, dB: to 38
(*- reflector panels with the filler)

PVC panels have some advantages over traditional constructions: 

  • Resistance to hostile environment, biocorrosion, ultraviolet rays;
  • Easiness of installation;
  • High repairability, fast replacement of components;
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance – possibility of different color choice;
  • Long lifetime.

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