«ARMOSTAB Tuba» 100/400
«ARMOSTAB Tuba» is a cylindrical seamless woven geotextile manufactured on a circular weaving machine from polymer yarns. 


  • Seamless construction;

  • Resistance to acids, salts and alkali;

  • Microorganism-resistance;

  • Long service durability;

  • High tensile strength at low elongation;

  • Good filtering properties;

  • Reduction in construction time;

  • Reduction in construction cost.

Properties of a woven geotextile:

  • High strength;

  • Low elongation;

  • Good water permeability;

  • Environmental friendliness;

  • Resistance to biological and chemical exposure.


The geotextile casing is used in the construction of textile-sand piles to strengthen the weak foundations of roads and railways. For their part, the piles perceive the main part of the operational load and transfer it to the strong layers of the base soil. Due to the water permeability of the casing itself and coarse aggregate, the piles also provide vertical drainage, thereby accelerating the consolidation of the weak base and hardening the weak soils in the inter-pile space.

Durability (years)≥ 100
Dynamic perforation, mm≤ 15
Elongation at maximum load, %, no more than: MD/CMD10 (± 2)/10 (± 2)
Opening size, µm≥ 80
Raw materialPolyester (PET)
Shell diameter, m0,8 ; 1,2
Static puncture srength, kH/kN15
Tensile strength, kN/m, no less than: MD/CMD100/400
Water permeability normal to the plane, l/(m²s)P = 2 kPa / Vh = 50 mm ≥ 20 / ≥ 10