GSH PVC Larsen sheet piles 600

PVC Larsen sheet piles is U-shaped profile with interlocking edges (joints). Profiles, interlocked with each other, create a sealed wall which is installed into soil. Interlocking edges provide construction reliability on break and deformation. Geopiles are manufactured from unplasticezed rigid impact-proof polyvinylchloride, which is resistant to aggressive environment.

Application area:

Transport engineering
  • Reservoirs for subsoil water;
  • Highways;
  • Railways;
  • Bridge abutment;
  • Ramps;
  • Tunnels.
Hydraulic engineering
  • Cost-protecting structures;
  • Berthing structures;
  • Dock structures;
  • Ant filtering pools;
  • In port industrial parks.
Water ways engineering
  • Widening water ways;
  • Cost fortification.

GSH 600


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It is manufactured on modern extrusion lines, using an innovative technological process to form plastic masses in a single stable profile. Due to this technology, porosity is reduced and the service life of the tongue-and-groove and its tensile strength are increased, while the cost of production is reduced.

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TYPES OF LOCK CONNECTIONS of the Larsen PVC tongue-and-groove.

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Width (on the lock centers), mm (of one element)250
Depth, mm (of one element)120
Thickness, mm (of one element)9
Weight 1 p.m, kg (of one element)7,32
Cross-sectional area, cm² (of one element)49,0
The moment of inertia Ix, cm4 (of one element)49,0
The moment of resistance, Wx, cm³ (of one element)133,35
Weight 1 p.m, kg29,2
Cross-sectional area, cm²196,0
The moment of inertia Ix, cm412390,9
The moment of resistance, Wx, cm³1050,0
Density, g/cm³ 1,65
Bending strength, MPa54,2
Modulus of elasticity upon bending, MPa3652
Model of elasticity upon bending, MPa2740,0
Impact strength according to Charpy, kJ/m²136,0
Maximum permissible bending moment, kN*m (1 p.m. of the wall)56,9