«GEO Gazon» light

This material is used in different fields: pedestrian and vehicles zones, parking spaces, truck lanes, wheelchair accessible trails and grass driveways.


Grass pavers are made from high-pressure polyethylene, which can be recycled. They are firm, chemically inert and non-toxic;the product provides durable, safe and eco-friendly surface. The material is available in black and green colours.

Main advantages

  • Water permeability
  • Soil protecm wtion (froashing away)
  • Base pavement reinforcement –root protection and grass stabilization for vehicles
  • Dependable system of inter-locking
  • Simple transportation
  • Easy exploitation
  • UV and temperature drop resistance

Element`s height, mm5
Element`s length, mm640
Element`s weight, g1100
Element`s width, mm395
Materialhigh-density polyethylene
Pressure, maximum, kN/m1500
Quantity of elements in 1 m²4
Thickness of element`s wall, mm3±0,5