"GEO DR" 10/1

Depending on intended purposes of geosynthetics application, each customer can choose a kind of drainage geocomposite, which we produce in two ways -  as a whole finished composite or as separated components without thermal bonding.  Even if you buy separated elements it is easy to install them on site. Furthermore, you can choose a variant of filter layers.

Group of companies MIAKOM launched production of drainage geocomposites with geomat interlayer in 2012.
Drainage geocomposites are widely used in water drainage systems as materials that provide efficient removal of excess moisture, protecting drainage systems from clogging. Geosynthetic interlayers application increases reliability of road pavements, engineer constructions and waterproof linens by enhancing their service-lifetime and reducing construction costs.

  • Highway engineering; temporary pavements engineering

  • Railways engineering and maintenance of stable work of engineering systems.

  • Industrial and civil  building, roads construction

  • Cargo areas, tunnels, underground and SDW landfill construction

And other spheres of application.

Cell size, height, mm10
Cell size, width, mm10
Mass per unit area of the geomat, g/m², no less than670
Nominal geomat thickness under pressure 2 kPa, mm4,8
Raw material of drainage corePolyethylene (PE)
Tensile strength, kN/m, crosswise9
Tensile strength, kN/m, longwise12
Thickness at pressure 200 kPa, mm4,0