«ARMOSTAB Grunt-I» 20/20

«ARMOSTAB GRUNT-I» geocomposite consists of a reinforcing plane geogrid (made of high-modulus polyester yarns, without coating) sewed to nonwoven geotextile backing.

Function: Reinforcement «R», Filtration «F», Separation «S»

Key features:

  • High tensile strength; 

  • Low strain; 

  • High resistance to chemical, biological and thermal effects;

  • Straightforward installation.


  • Reinforcement of subgrade on soft soils;

  • Layer by layer reinforcement of high roadway embankments;

  • Construction of the reinforced ground structures;

  • Uniform redistribution of load and layers separation;

  • Separation and filtration between soil layers.


  • Improvement of road base stability;

  • Improvement of embankment stability and its settlement uniformity;

  • Ability to build high embankments in minimal available construction spaces;

  • Inert materials saving.

The production is certified in accordance with quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and environmental management system ISO 14001:2015.

Elongation at maximum load, %, no more than: MD/CMD13/13
Raw materialPolyester (PET)
Substrate materialNon-woven geotextile (PP or PET)
Tensile strength, kN/m, no less than: MD/CMD20/20