14 Февраля 2013
Start of erosion control geomat and drainage geocomposite production

Tests and launch of two more lines for erosion control geomat and drainage geocomposite production took place on 4 February 2013. It was just an experiment at that moment, but then it became visible that there is a huge demand for ecological and not very expensive geomaterials for erosion protection, installation of drainage systems for slopes and flat drainage systems for road pavements, building of landfills (ventilation layer and drainage layer).

GC MIAKOM now produces the following kinds of geomats and drainage geocomposites:

Erosion control roll geomats differ from each other by technical characteristics, structure, and kind of weaving, mesh size, roll width, breaking strength at longitudinal and cross tension.

Geomats can be used for slopes reinforcement, river channels stabilization, wind erosion prevention, protection of road bed from loose ground movement and stones fall. 

The idea to manufacture geosynthetic composites for drainage systems appeared after analysis the issue (for Russia as well as for some other countries) made by company`s engineers. All materials for drainage weren`t manufacturable. The problem was in labour-consuming installation, necessity to deliver imported materials, short service lifetime and extremely bad function characteristics.

Then there was an idea to design and manufacture light-weight and durable multilayer geomaterials, which could be laid everywhere with minimal time for preparation. Innovative drainage material "MIAKOM" is the completely ready for installation product, which consists of three separated layers: a high-strength polymer geogrid and two filtration layers.

Over the years of production, the company "MIAKOM" has managed to prove excellent characteristics of erosion control geomats and drainage geocomposites, and their economic benefits. Orders on these materials come from all over Russia and from abroad. For example, there was an experience of laying erosion control geomat in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Voronezh and Krasnodar.