17 Июля 2014
Production of high strength woven PP and PET geotextile

The leading Russian manufacturer «MIAKOM» has trialed its new woven geotextile production line on 17 July 2014, and the initial batch has rolled off the production line. 

«MIAKOM» now produces two kinds of woven geotextile:

Armostab is a woven geotextile with traditional (for a fabric) structure; it has a number of important advantages over all other materials. Armostab does not react with chemicals that can be found in water and soil, does not rot; it does not have negative effects because of sharp change in temperature.

Geotextile ARMOSTAB is used for reinforcement of all bases, including fine-textured soils. It is suitable for separation of layers of road pavements, stabilization of unstable base during retaining walls installation. Woven geosynthetic materials can be used for road, civil or industrial construction, as well as for urban and country redevelopment, construction of artificial ponds, reinforcement of channels and riverbanks. The material does not harm the ecology, because it is completely inert. It can contact with water that goes to the needs of people.

Armostab has already been successfully used for construction of road pavements on muck foundation. Thickness of the muck foundation reached 5 meters in places. Application of geosynthetic materials of "MIAKOM" production made it possible to compensate load and prevent subsidence.

"MIAKOM" plans to expand the range of products in the near future and to offer its consumers completely new materials for construction and redevelopment. The company does not stop there; it has big plans and real prospects.