21 Августа 2012
Polyester geogrids and fiberglass geogrids production launch

New goods appeared in products range of «MIAKOM» on 21 August 2012. They were road fiberglass geogrids and polyester geogrids for reinforcement of asphalt and concrete pavement. Design engineers made up a brand new product (based on long-term foreign experience), that is geared to conditions of our market.

Two kinds of roll geogrid are produced from polyester fibers under «MIAKOM» trademark: ARMOSTAB – Asphalt and geocomposite Armostab-Asphalt P. Application and technical characteristics are similar, but there are some differences, for example, differences in tensile strength, surface density, and some other parameters.

"MIAKOM" produces also fiberglass geogrid «GEO ST». It is a rolled material for road pavement reinforcement. It is made of durable fiberglass raw materials. Fiberglass fibers are interconnected in nodes and additionally fastened by insertion, so cells with a perfect form are formed. For adhesion improvement (with concrete or asphalt) fiberglass is covered by bitumen mixtures.

There is another material which was made from fiberglass and developed later on the basis of reinforcing geogrid. It is two-layer geocomposite GEO STP.  The geocomposite consists of a fiberglass layer and nonwoven geotextile layer.

GC "Miakom" has established the production of polyester geogrid Aerostab. It is reinforcing material that can be used to prevent rutting and reflected cracks, to prolong life of road pavement. Aerostab is produced both in the form of geogrid, and in the form of geocomposite with additional substrate.

Municipal authorities from all over Russia order fiberglass and polyester geogrids of «Miakom» production. There were orders from Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, and Moscow. The company cooperates with Tatarstan, where the products of "Miakom" are already well known.