14 Октября 2004
Organizational unit "MIAKOM Engineering" foundation

Because of hard work and concern for the future of the company, research and development geotechnical organizational unit on the base of «MIAKOM» was organized on 14 October 2004. Its main work areas are the following:

  • designed theoretical base development;
  • information about opportunities of the company distribution;
  • rationale for geosynthetic materials application.

Indefeasible factor of the company improvement and development is employee training and education, educational programs in design centers concerning earthwork calculations with effective usage of the «MIAKOM» modern products.
Technical support service of "MIAKOM Engineering" set the following specified and objective goals that are directed to the company level increase.

  1. Gathering and distribution of all knowledges concerning geosynthetic materials through informative technical publications, conference and seminars.
  2. Academic development and practical improvement of testing methods, design procedures and other opportunities oriented to geotechnologies implementation.
  3. Improvement of mutual understanding between structures of organizational units, primarily between manufacturers of geosynthetic materials and designers.

The company carries out scientific and technical seminars on questions concerning sphere of development and implementation of geosynthetic materials.  That has given an opportunity to move to a new level, expanding the activity not only as a manufacturer, but also as a developer. 

Now we are able to provide advanced information on such issues as the following:

  • Mechanics of soil;
  • Earthwork calculations;
  • Geological engineering;
  • Geosynthetic materials characteristics and their performance in different situations etc.