3 Ноября 2007
Geocells production launch

The landmark event for «MIAKOM» took place on 3 November 2007.  The first production line for geocells «GEO OR» has been launched. The company was motivated by bad condition of roads in Russia, especially at regions with difficult hydrometeorological conditions.

There was the task to make quality and inexpensive geosynthetic material to reinforce slopes, which are exposed to wind- and hydro-erosion. The material was designed to strengthen the slopes along roads, but then it found a much wider application. Engineers have studied existing experience of using volumetric geosynthetic materials with honeycomb structure and created a completely new product based on it. The company "MIAKOM" has also developed its own technology of anchor fastenings, which allows installing materials very quickly. "GEO OR" is successfully used to prevent wind- and hydro-erosion, to strengthen unstable slopes with a significant angle of steepness, that are shear unresisting, to ensure consistency and reinforcement of underlying layers of soil during construction process.
Geocells "GEO OR" of "Miakom" production is geosynthetic material of volumetric "cellular" structure, formed from the connected bands by the method of thermal or ultrasonic welding. One is supplied as a foldable module. In the extended (working) position module of geocells is transformed into a cellular three-dimensional structure ready for filling with soil and inert materials (aggregate).

Depending on cell sizes, several brands of «GEO OR» geocells are manufactured: PG 20, PG 30 and PG 40, where 20, 30 and 40 are length of cell diagonal of honeycomb in centimeters. Strips for production of "GEO OR" can be made of material with thickness from 1.2 mm to 2 mm.