16 Февраля 2004
Establishment of the company

Group of companies «MIAKOM» was founded on 16 February 2004 in Saint-Petersburg. The company is the leader in dynamics of development of geosynthetic sphere in Russia. The company meets modern requirements to consistency of goods performance and engineering and technical maintenance in geosynthetic materials application sphere.

High-tech production lines and products of group of companies "Miakom" undergo annual accreditation of audit commissions of leading consumers.

Not limited to the domestic market for the use of geosynthetic materials, the group of companies "Miakom" carries out deliveries to the CIS countries and neighboring countries, using the system of European quality certification CE.

The geography of deliveries of group of companies "Miakom" branch includes practically all strategically significant projects of "transport strategy of the Russian Federation for the period until 2030", approved by the Russian Federation government decree.

Currently the group of companies "Miakom" produces unique and wide range of geosynthetic materials, which are manufactured in accordance with the different requirements of customers and allow solving geotechnical problems of any degree of complexity.