«ARMOSTAB®»-Asphalt 50/50

«ARMOSTAB®»-Asphalt geogrids have special bitumen coating, which provides strong adhesion between soil layers and geogrids.

Application advantages

  • Fracture control
  • Minimum structure deformations under high pressure load
  • High level of shear strength
  • Opportunity of asphalt pavement depth thinning
  • Long service lifetime
  • Service reliability
Cell size, mmArray
material + impregnationpolyester + bitumen
Standard size of roll, m, length4; 5; 5,3
Standard size of roll, m, width100; 150; 200
Tensile strength, kN/m minimum, longwise 50
Ultimate elongation at maximum pressure, %, maximum13/13
Weight, g/m², minimum180